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"Ideas spark and words threaten to burst into flames unless put to paper.
It's the start of the mess you must clean up."


Image of Edna St. Vincent Millay as a young woman

Remembering Miss Millay

A presentation for the passionate among us! Learn of the life and loves of Edna St. Vincent Millay, the icon of the 1920’s jazz babies and the first woman to win a Pulitzer Prize for poetry. Interspersed throughout the presentation are dramatic readings of her poetry.  

An image repesenting fashion's follies

Fashion's Follies: What Were They Thinking

Sometimes fashions from another era find us shaking our heads and wondering,"What were they thinking!?" This program presents an amusing step back in time for a peek at fashions that hid a woman’s real body, gave her the look of a mermaid, and helped make swooning the rage! 

Image of four 40's era woman walking and carrying handbags


What do our handbags say about us? This tongue-in-cheek program explores the depth of the bag with story telling, an unusual display and a few surprises...for sometimes a purse isn't really a purse at all! 

Colorized image of 20's era woman lounging on chair at the beach

The Stories My Clothing Can Tell

If our clothes could speak, what stories would they tell? This fashion show takes a look at the history, cultural happenings, and personalities behind ten reproduction gowns. Guests are introduced to vintage fashions and accessories spanning the 1880’s through the roaring twenties.  

Image representing Titanic era fashions

Titanic In Memory & Style

Titanic remains one of the most compelling of human stories. This fashion show features ten garments, both reproduction and original.  It is through garments of the age that we look at Edwardian culture and little known Titanic facts.  

Image of a cute toddler messy with dark chocolate

For Dark Chocolate Lovers Only

Love chocolate? Learn more of the chocolate world while indulging in "hi-octane" samples containing between 60% & 80% cocoa solids. We pair them with a tea that can hold its own and there’s no worries about over-indulging. These chocolates are good for you.

Image of Laurie Nienhaus as her character Octavia Ashford

Octavia Ashford & Her Ghosts

It's the late 1890's and you're a guest in Lady Octavia Ashford's parlor. Octavia tells an eerie Victorian ghost story and shares why the Victorians were so fond of their "Pale Shades." I then appear as myself to discuss this unique genre before telling a second, quite short ghost story. 

Color images of two 1940's women gossiping at tea

How on Earth Did Tea Make It This Far?!

 While tea has been hailed as the elixir of immortality, it has also been served as a vegetable, "encouraged" with raw eggs, and considered the villainous ruin of the British race. Learn of tea’s perilous - and amusing - journey through time. 

Image of radical suffrage Alice Paul

Mr. President, How Long Must Women Wait?

Alice Paul picketed the White House and organized hunger strikes when thrown in jail. This program is a dramatic look at the tactics of the daring and charismatic woman who organized the first examples of civil disobedience in our country.  

Image of John Grimshaw's fairy painting, Spirit of the Night - 1879

A Fancy for Faeries - NEW

Faeries and fairyland endlessly fascinated Victorians. With a look at some of the most famous fairy paintings of the era, the question begs to be  asked...would you really wish to be "fairy led"? 

Image of Rose O'Neill's painting, The Kiss

Modern Woman, Selfies & Sweet Monsters NEW

Of course you've heard of Van Gogh, Mary Cassatt, and Rose O'Neill! Yet, you may not have seen these images or know of the gossip and mystery shared here!

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