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And Then It Was Teatime


Tea has had a part to play in stories other than its own! With vintage inspired graphics and over 150 passages from vintage and modern literature, And Then It Was Teatime takes you into the drawing rooms, parlors, and gardens of characters you might have long forgotten about or might not ever have had the chance to become acquainted with. And all are waiting for you…with cup in hand. 


...take an enjoyable walk across the sundry scenes of teatime depicted in some of the much celebrated works of English literature. Through the common flair of this universal drink, the author connects her readers to the history of ideas and the view and norms of our past. A remarkable job of its own kind! Laurie Nienhaus’ book renovates the passion for two fine things in its readers: a nice cup of tea and fine literature.  Ernest Dempsey is the pen name of Karim Khan.

Imagine sharing teatime with dozens of literature's most eloquent authors and captivating characters! And Then It Was Teatime is a thoughtful - and comprehensive - anthology of both well-known and obscure writings about that wonderful custom of taking tea. Janis Badarau, Tea Guide: Reviews and Ramblings

Tea is the topic in this whimsical assemblage of clever quotes, personal letters and snippets of literature. What a pleasure it is to consort with the fashionable crowd, "take tea" with the famous and make new acquaintances with every turn of the page! Like the enchanting brew, carefully prepared, this compilation goes down smoothly. Sugar?  Sheri Hood, The Fearful Fairy

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Created to delight both the senses and the soul, Steeped takes you on a leisurely stroll to the kitchen. With original recipes, humorous essays and ephemera art, you'll be smiling each step of the way. 


"Through centuries of refinement, tea has evolved to represent health and happiness while provoking artful culture. Laugh and celebrate with Laurie Nienhaus as she continues a memorable tea adventure with lighthearted grace."  Lee Q. Garcia, TEA in TEXAS Media

"From Easy Spiced Peaches to Ralph Waldo Emerson, each page brims with history, humor and delicious fun."  Dianne Hartshorn, Blanche's Place Historic Clothing

"Teapots have long inspired creative souls from artists and designers to architects. We suspect Laurie Nienhaus possesses a plethora of this universal domestic icon. Steeped is an engaging read."

Sonny and Gloria Kamm, The Kamm Teapot Foundation


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Teatime Theatre

Currently, live theatre during the tea hour remains a novel idea few tea rooms take advantage of. Yet not only is it lucrative, it expands your client base. This ebook explains all tearoom owners and not-for-profits need to know to successfully host a live theatre production in their establishment.

The information is laid out in an easy to read question and answer format. The inserted hyperlinks and bookmarks make it easy to flip back and forth from the table of contents to each section.

With Teatime Theatre you hold in your hands the key to success.

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Nana's Socks

Richly illustrated by graphic artist Julie Berman, Nana's Socks is the true story of how little Ella learns a lesson about other people's things over teatime. Appealing to ages four through eight, Nana's Socks was written as a fund raiser for the The Jeremy Project and 100% of the funds were returned to this worthy St. Louis based, not-for-profit organization.

From The Jeremy Project...

...A delightful and well-loved book that  served us well.

Nana's Socks is now out of print.