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From the Fractured Fairy Tale: When Julie Met Cindy


Setting: A Doctor's Office
Number in Cast: 2 women
Length: 12 minutes

Play Synopsis:
Juliet Capulet's outlook on life and love changes when she meets Cinderella - a Cinderella, by the way, who's not quite your usual story book princess. 

         (sits and picks up a Cosmo magazine)

          (twirls in regally as if she’s dancing, looks at the sign and twirls to the chair)
This must be the place.       
          (She settles herself with much commotion, drumming her nails impatiently on 

            the chair's edge. JULIET looks at her in a pained fashion and goes back to her 


Hey, I think I know you!

I think not.


No...there's something about ya. Were you at Bobby Jo's last weekend?
          (JULIET scoots her chair away and shakes her head without looking at 

           CINDERELLA who shrugs, looks around a moment in boredom and then begins 

           snapping her fingers to West Side Story.)

Your name ain't Maria, is it?

          (sighing heavily and puts down the magazine)

My name is Juliet Capulet. I am not well, Madame. I beseech thee to...

          (interrupting Juliet)

 Ju-lee-et! Well now, ain't that a pretty name!
          (JULIET limply holds out her hand but CINDERELLA slaps her on the shoulder.)
I'm Cinderella, but you can call me Cindy.  

          (Roots through her handbag, pulls out a stick of gum and pops it into her mouth.)
Who are you seeing? Dr. Outtaluck, Dr. Woo-Less, or Dr. More-Amour?

          (begins crying loudly)

Dr. More-Amour….

Whoa! Hold the waterworks, Julie girl.

          (stands and speaks melodramatically)

Alas, there is no pity in the clouds.

          (looks as if she's looking out a window)

Honey, there ain't a cloud in the sky. 

          (pulls a box of Tic-Tacs from her bra) 

Want a Tic Tac?

          (stands and walks back and forth as if searching for Romeo in the distance)
Oh Romeo, Romeo! Where for art though Romeo!

Guess not.  

          (puts the Tic Tacs back in her bra)

So, whose Romeo?...  

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